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Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School infoShanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School has been offering high quality language instruction since 2004.

We are conveniently located in Xujiahui (right next to Jiaotong University) and in Hongqiao/Gubei (near Gubei Carrefour).

Our teachers are all highly qualified and are specially trained in delivering language courses.

Our courses can be specially customized to meet your requirements. You can set the pace of your own learning. There are short-term intensive classes (group or individual) as well as longer term programs. Whether it is for your business needs, or to converse with the people of Shanghai, whatever your needs are, we have the right program for you!

We can also prepare you for external exams such as HSK, YCT, BCT and C.TEST.

 Shanghai MEIZHI is an Official HSK (IBT) Test Center .

Shanghai MEIZHI is a Training Organization and Examination Center for TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language) authorized by Chinese Ministry of Education.


*In China Press here to see the introduction of Shanghai BEST MANDARIN SCHOOL-MEIZHI
8 distinguishing features of Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School
Authorized institution with professional teaching team
Perfect curriculum programs using original teaching methods
Culture-cross community activities held monthly
Training organization of TCSL (Teaching Chinese as Second Language)
with authentication of the Ministry of Education.
Powerful support services provided ensuring students learn without
ANY worries
Various teaching materials leading the industry
Serving for TOP 500 Companies with fine management system
Seminars held regularly to make sustainable develop
Curriculum Advisor: Mr. Wang
                         Shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School aduisor       
Not sure what program will suit you the best? From 9am to 9pm language teachers at MEIZHI (who speak Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean) are there to help you. We can advise you about the best ways to learn and show you how to put your new knowledge into practice. In addition, our teachers have experience of living abroad, so we can even help you out with the day-to-day problems of living and working in Shanghai.
Representative teacher: Mrs. Zhang
shanghai MEIZHI MANDARIN School  BEST TEACHERIs it hard to study Mandarin? You may feel discouraged when you make mistakes when you are learning this beautiful yet complex language. However, language is a wonderful communicative tool and it is only through trying things out that we can improve. Don't be discouraged, just keep on trying. We will support you all the way.




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*MEIZHI MANDARIN is appointed as HSK (IBT) official Test Center and Registration Office by Han Ban. Best Shanghai chinese school